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Sylvia Vason, Former President, NJFDW

The New Jersey Federation of Democratic Women (NJFDW) represents the voice of women in the Democratic Party. 

Our Mission is to unite Democratic women, cultivate Democratic Women candidates and activists, and support candidates and elected officials who advocate for the rights of women and the ideals of the Democratic party.

The vision of NJFDW is for Democratic women across the state to network, collaborate, educate, and encourage other women to participate in all levels of the political process. 

By mentoring young Democratic women, lobbying legislative bodies on issues important to the NJFDW membership, and encouraging Democratic women to run for elected office, we work to raise awareness of events, legislation, and their respective impact on the lives of others. 

The NJFDW stands as a powerful organization of advocacy and education with the tools and resources to promote our Mission.

Membership dues are $25/member through your local Chapter
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