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General Election 2020 Updates

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October 13, 2020 is the last day to register

You can also print a paper form that has pre-paid postage. This link takes you to your prepaid postage county forms in all available languages with a sample form to show you how to register to vote, how to update your signature, and to sign up for Vote By Mail.


- Primary Election -
The State of NJ has a “closed” Primary.
To vote in the Primary, you must declare party affiliation.

Only Democrats and Republicans are permitted to vote in the Primary!*

If you are already registered with your preferred party, simply show up at the polls and vote.

To change your party affiliation: submit a form (English & Spanish) to the Board of Election in your County of residence.

​* If you are registered to vote and are party unaffiliated (independent), you can declare a party at the polls on the day of the election.
If you are a registered member of the Green Party, Libertarian Party, Natural Law Party, Reform Party, U.S. Constitution Party, Conservative Party or the Socialist Party of New Jersey, and do not wish to change your affiliation,  you cannot vote in either the Democratic or Republican Primary












- General Election -

You can register to vote if:

You are a United States citizen

Are at least 17 years old (and understand that I may not vote until reaching the age of 18)

Are a resident of the State and county 30 days before the election

Are NOT currently serving a sentence, probation or parole because of a felony conviction

If you are in college, you have the option to register from your college address or your parent's address. 

The registration deadline to vote is 21 days prior to Election Day