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The New Jersey Federation of Democratic Women (NJFDW) is an organization of extraordinary women committed to supporting each other to advance Democratic Political goals and ideals through networking, community activism, and engagement. 

The NJFDW operates under the umbrella of the National Federation of Democratic Women, established in 1971 as a means of supporting women's voices within the Democratic Party. 

The National Federation of Democratic Women gained official recognition from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and currently holds one seat on the DNC Executive Committee and three seats on the DNC general committee.
To date, it is the only women’s organization given that privilege.

The NJFDW is one of 37 chapters in states across the country and U.S. territories.

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Taking positions on:
Preventing Maternal Death
Opposition to Staggering National Debt
Budget Cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security While Cutting Taxes for the Wealthy
Clean Air & Water
Restoring the Pandemic Response Team
Mental Health for Service Men & Women
Pharmaceutical Drug Price Controls

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